Saturday, 6 August 2011

Lollibop Review

Just got back from Lollibop. Kids had a really good time and we had fun watching them have a really good time. It was sold out today, and we felt so sorry for all those parents who had taken their brood up to Regents Park, in the hope of getting in, only to be turned away at the gates. But there are still tickets available tomorrow, so you never know, it might be worth another visit!

If you are going, here are my top tips.
1. Bring food. The queues were ridiculous. If you have a portaloo you may be able to sustain the wait but if not, bring as much as you need so you can enjoy more of the event.
2. Do NOT wait for half and hour in a queue of over 700 people to see the Charlie and Lola's Bestest Play Ever. I'm sorry but it would have been more apt to re-title it Charlie and Lola's Longest and Most Pointless Play Ever! What were they thinking? They had four people dressed in subdued black and grey, holding little paper cutouts of Charlie and Lola desperately trying to communicate the most unimaginative story about our heroes tidying their bedroom, having a bath and nightmares!! I kid you not, people were actually leaving half way through. I saw at least 6 parents in close proximity to me fall asleep! One of my boys asked me whether it had finished yet, only 10 minutes into the show! The foresight of youth eh? I am sure that Lauren Child would have been horrified!
3. Make sure you see Rastamouse. Da Easy Crew put on a brilliant show and created a lovely vibe for parents and children alike. He just brings a smile to your face and adds a groove to your moves!
4. The WOW tent was brilliant. As soon as the twins saw those fantastically designed toys they were in the tent like a shot and played happily for ages on the mini tables with race tracks, cars, trucks, planes you name it! And each child was given a little toy to take home! Great move.
5. The Itsy Bitsy Strictly Tent is where we should have spent some time but didn't. It was a dancing tent but with a chill out zone thrown in. Everyone in there sounded like they were having a great time, so I would highly recommend it.
6. Minimission is where to head if you fancy a groove, the music was superb in there.
7. The Waybuloos were yogatastic and loved by all.
8. Don't forget your picnic blanket - it's a must!!
9. Keep an eye out for the freebies on offer, drinks and food.
10. Leave before the rush.

Staff were oh so friendly and the vibe was great. If you adhere to my tips. You'll have a wonderful time tomorrow.

Mama xx


  1. Thanks for the advice. We are heading there tomorrow and I wasn't going to bother taking a picnic but definitely will now!!!

  2. I'm so glad you said that about Charlie and Lola, we started in the queue but after 20mins of waiting (still with 15 mins before the show was due to start) we were told that we wouldn't get a seat, and I couldn't bare the thought of standing and holding Kit up to see, so abandoned. Sounds like I should be glad I did.

    The itsy bitsy strickly was fun, although I think a lot of the parents were joining in with the dance routines a bit more keenly than the little-uns!

    We had a lovely day too. :)

  3. Girlfriend, you didn't miss a thing with Charlie and Lola. I am so glad you had a lovely time.Mx

  4. We loved Charlie & Lola. Went Friday and saw it as soon as we arrived so no queue. Kids were entranced! It's the same show that was on at the polka theatre recently. Would really recommend it and if you head straight there queues shouldn't be too bad.
    Itsy bitsy strictly was indeed fab - my 2 yr old danced herself silly while 3 yr old and I chilled out on the big cushions and collected the gift cards h&m were giving away.

  5. I just could not see the appeal Alex but I am so glad you posted your comment. Mx

  6. Hey Mama! Great tips, I have a few of my own that I'll add to my review. We really had a fab time and danced our socks off in BLD tent. Gave Charlie and Lola a miss too, we were too busy grooving!

  7. Thanks Babes! I wish I had grooved more the music was excellent. The DJ's were spot on for sure.

  8. Sounds like fun! I'm big Rastamouse fan too! I've only just seen these events but I'd not have been able to attend as my lil is poorly at the moment. Well, maybe next year :0)

  9. I disagree with point 10. We stayed till the end, a lot of people had left by then, so whereas for the earlier live sets we were at the back of a big crowd, for Rastamouse's closing set we got right to the front and my two toddlers got to Hive Five the Easy Crew (so today they're officially the coolest kidz in their creche!) Mum and I chilled in the low evening sun with a pimms & lemonade. And when we left just after 7pm there was no rush to escape.

  10. That should have read High Five, obviously!

    BTW, where were Waybuloo doing Yoga? We must've missed that.

  11. I am blown away that your little groovers got a high-five from Da Easy Crew. How fantastic is that! So wish we had stayed longer now. I actually have high-five envy! Something I thought I would never experience as a grown woman! :-), but Rastamouse is so incrediby cool!

    The Waybuloos were on the Alfresco Bandstand. They were great and all the children were doing the moves. So glad you had a lovely time and I am grateful that you took the time to make a comment. Have a great week and enjoy the summer. Mama xx