Tuesday, 26 July 2011

In the Night Garden - The Old Deer Park

Saturday July 30 - Saturday August 13
I'll be honest, In the Night Garden as big a phenomenon as it is, is already feeling a little bit retro to me! Anybody feeling the same? Despite that, I know that many of you lovely people have children who just cannot get enough of IgglePiggle or Makka Pakka. So I am just using this post to let you know that In the Night Garden Live is offering up a person size puppet show at the Old Deer Park in Richmond Park. Their PR says it is specially designed for the under 5's.

Look, between you and me, Richmond Park is beautiful and that is really the great attraction! So go and enjoy that.

Nod and a wink!

Mama xx
In the Night Garden


  1. That's my old neck of the woods. I agree, if you get to enjoy Richmond park while your children are entertained, anything sounds great to me! Emma :)