Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Wind in the Willows - Wonderful!

Performances until Sunday August 7
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Yesterday I went to see the alfresco theatre production of Wind in the Willows in Brockwell Parks' walled garden with my 3 year old twins. As a family, having been to the theatre many times, you kind of know what to expect BUT, given this was an open air affair we had no idea as to how this classic tale would be adapted given its new environment!

As you can imagine the concept of an outdoor play, lasting 70 minutes and targeting children set in a garden has its fair share of challenges. I had visions of rescuing the children from naive exploration of thorn riddled flora or bribing them with organix fruit bars in an attempt to keep them focused but fortunately I realised early on that I could cast away such typical parental worries because the shows producers had thought of everything and created an engaging, enjoyable interpretation of the play that was quite frankly brilliantly done.

Cleverly and surprisingly the tale began outside the garden in the park amongst toadstools with the audience sitting on mats provided by the production, shortly after which we moved seamlessly into the garden to absorb more of the story told eloquently  - in most part - by a team of very good actors. Not wanting to give too much away, throughout the show we meandered through the garden scene by scene enjoying the music, the singing, the enchanting script and set design; and the children were completely enthralled.

Hats off to the Director Jenny Lee who delivered a winning formula considering a complex script and varied audience. She nailed it. It was fun, feisty and fabulous!

For parents and children alike it's a show worth every penny (around £20 for one adult and two children), and for an extra £3:00 the little ones can participate in a workshop too.

For more information you can check out this link or call 07958448690.

Ratty and Toad were my favourite. Who will yours be?

Go visit. Its on until Sunday August 7.

Mama x


  1. Thank you again for this lovely and well written post!have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Thankyou my lovely, Have a great weekend too. I'm off to Camp Bestival so blog may be quiet for a few days. Mama xx